Career coaching with Helen Jane Campbell
Helen Jane Campbell by Billie Charity

Are you planning a career or industry move in 2023?

Have you considered career coaching but don’t know where to start? We work with specialists, career change professionals, HR managers and professional CV writers that could help with that change!

In fact, our partners at Career Academy recently spoke to creative career coach Helen Jane Campbell as she shared in-depth information about her own career change journey.

Helen Jane Campbell is a career coach working specifically with professionals in the creative industries or those who wish to enter the creative industry.

Starting as a PR professional and working all the way to an Account Director level to opening her own PR practice and finally changing her career to a career coach. You can read the full interview with Helen on Career Academy.

Alternatively, get in touch with Helen Jane Campbell and get a free 15-minute discovery call by booking on her website here. She is also leading group coaching session and workshops where you can learn more about the power of journaling and other useful techniques.

And if you are looking for a new job, make sure to get in touch with us at with your latest CV.

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