Healthy Minds Workshop
Healthy Minds

We all have times when life gets on top of us both at home and at work. At Moxie and Mettle, we know how important it is to take care of ourselves and that good mental health enables people to thrive, as well as being physically fit.

We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining a workplace where we can all develop and grow together, in a supportive and friendly environment. There is of course also strong evidence that workplaces with high levels of mental wellbeing are more productive, so it also makes good business sense.

That’s why we found Trina Gazzard, a registered Psychotherapist to support our team with some practical, no-nonsense advice about looking after your mental health.

This is what our team had to say about the Healthy Minds Workshop –


A great Healthy Minds Workshop with Trina – it was fun, factual and amazing to find out what your brain can do if you tweak your thoughts. Having a positive outlook on life and being grateful for what we have goes a long way to keeping a healthy mind and body.

It’s possible to create new neurons to change the way we behave in certain situations which can be anything from managing stress to losing weight. I would recommend Trina, who delivers a good informative, easy to understand workshop. Thanks, Trina!


I found the session with Trina really thought-provoking.

It was fascinating to learn about how humans respond to stress, how the brain works, and how the chimp and intellectual sides of our brain profoundly affect our sense of wellbeing.

I felt like I came away with some excellent stress management strategies, I’d definitely recommend speaking to Trina if stress is becoming a major life problem; I found her captivating!


Meeting Trina was a memorable experience.

She explained how to have and maintain a positive mindset and how our brain can be affected by negativity. She told us about the drama triangle, which was a new concept for me, and it really opened my eyes to how we can be pulled into it so easily. I think that every workplace would benefit from having a mental-health workshop so that the employees can have a clear understanding of how the brain works.

I have taken away so much from the workshop, and I feel like my outlook on life and work has changed.

Liz and Becs

It was so great to be able to offer this workshop for the team, and our thanks go to Trina for such an excellent, appropriate and information a few hours.

We would highly recommend Trina’s Health Minds Workshop to our clients and candidates – obviously, Trina can tailor the workshop for your team; do get in touch if you’d like to find out more


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