Season’s greetings from Moxie and Mettle
Magic Breakfast Charity

Season’s Greetings from Moxie and Mettle and sending sincere good wishes for a fabulous Christmas and a peaceful and happy New Year.


It’s been a busy year for Moxie and Mettle, and as usual, instead of Xmas cards and presents, we are contributing to charity and have donated to Magic Breakfast.


Magic Breakfast is a UK-based not-for-profit organisation that aims to transform young people’s lives by providing a healthy and nutritious breakfast. The charity works in partnership with over 1000 Primary, Secondary, and Special Educational Needs schools, offering breakfast to over 200,000 pupils each day.


How it all started?


A couple of weeks ago, Becs came across the shocking statistic that now more than four million children across the UK are living in homes without adequate access to food (according to charity Magic Breakfast). This can affect how children perform and influence their attendance, energy, and motivation in school. So having a nutritious breakfast each day can stimulate learning but also allow children to concentrate throughout the whole day. 


After sharing this with the rest of the team, we just wanted to help and to make positive change.


Therefore, we decided that we will be supporting the charity both in the short-term with our Christmas donation and then throughout 2023. We’d love to help Magic Breakfast to educate, fundraise, and support parents, young children, and schools.


We’ll be sharing resources and information about donating in the coming year so watch this space.


How to get involved? 


You can use this link to donate what you can.


Check the Magic Breakfast website for more information


And keep an eye on our blog posts and social channels for other ways you can help.


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With all good wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Team Moxie and Mettle.

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