Ads that got us talking this April
Avengers X


Honda Passport

The nostalgia fuelled April Fool’s joke that we wish was real.

Now we can’t talk about the Ads we liked in April and NOT include an April Fools edition. The 2019 ‘Honda Passport Pastport’ sketch wants you to know the company also remembers the cliched parts of the decade like slap bracelets, roller blades, cassettes and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air inspired outfits (maybe this one should be forgotten).

The marketing campaign cleverly brings awareness to the real-life launch of their real 2019 ‘Honda Passport’. It’s the newest addition to Honda’s award-winning SUV line-up and delivers a unique combination of on-road driving refinement and off-road capability, along with best-in-class interior space.

Watch the prank here.


Heineken Stars

Brewing giant Heineken declares Friday, April 26th ‘Bring Your Beer To Work Day.’

It’s safe to say Heineken are the master of beer adverts, they’re clever, funny, charming and shocking, and this one is no different. Heineken have ingeniously tapped in to the popularity of the US Office to highlight that workers can now drink their 0.0, non-alcoholic beer on their shifts.

The April #nowyoucan brand awareness campaign is a reignite of the £6m 2018 campaign that was based around the “inclusiveness of Heineken 0.0 to all moments and social occasions which might call for a great tasting beer, but not for the alcohol”.

The Office stars Angela Kinsey and Brian Baumgartner, who portrayed Angela and Kevin respectively surprise a real-life US workplace with the beer.

Marketing Dive reports that Minneapolis-based agency Fast Horse helped deliver the campaign.

Click here to watch.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola Avengers

Coca-Cola Brazil teams with Marvel Studios to turn a teen into a temporary Avenger.

April is a big month for movie lovers as the long-awaited Avengers: Endgame was released. In just five days the epic film hauled in more than $1.2 billion at the global box office.

For this advert we see the joining of two iconic brands: Coca Cola and Marvel. Poliana Sousa, Marketing Director of Coca Cola Brazil says: “since the brand has always been associated with a young audience, connecting with Marvel Studios and with one of its most anticipated films this year only reinforces this connection and helps us tell new stories to our consumers.” We applaud you Coke – very clever.

The commercial will be aired in 57 countries, without any adaptation for regional markets. To give the feeling of a cosmopolitan space that could be localised in markets all over the world, the adventurous ad was filmed in Mexico City.

Click here to watch.

Written by Isabelle Peters

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