Ads that got us talking this March

Sipsmith Gin

Sip Smith Gin

“Sipsmith’s dapper swan schools you on the art of gin-making.”

This is the gin brands largest ad campaign yet, that sees a ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ inspired swan charmingly voiced by British comedian Julian Barratt. The swan’s comedic twist brings the Sipsmith London heritage story to the audience in an artfully crafted way.

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An ad that people can’t stop watching and no one knows why…

This fairly creepy ad definitely got us talking this March. This style of advertisement adds to the new horror-humour craze of productions that have recently been a talking point in film and advert media this year.

The new “Storm the Court” advert sees a mysterious girl appear on a busy basketball court and incites a dance craze (while wearing the brand’s Aztrek Double retro update). It’s a bit more of an edgier direction for Reebok but it seems to be paying off with almost 300K views on YouTube already. But is it too daring and different?

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Us at Moxie and Mettle are lovers of Monzo and clearly, we aren’t the only ones. Monzo is regarded as the ‘new digital bank of the future’ with already over a million active users and growing…

Monzo is preparing to launch its first major ad campaign to boost its growth even further. The innovative and disruptive bank has previously relied almost only on organic word-of-mouth to grow the business but is now exploring how paid advertising could play a role. With between 50,000 and 100,0000 user sign ups every month, it’s almost unnecessary for them to spend thousands on advertisement; as the brand remains insistent it must not become reliant on paying to acquire customers.

Above is it’s first advert which focuses on the it’s unorthodox bright colours!!

Written by Isabelle Peters – Marketing Assistant

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