Ads that got us talking this June
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A talking point on Social Media Week Bristol last month, was the effectiveness of authenticity in social media, adverts and so on. We feel inspired by authentic brands and emotionally invested in their success, so we buy their products even when there might be less expensive alternatives. Companies perceived to be genuine and authentic build brand loyalty and tend to be more profitable.

The chosen ads do just this, so check them out.



Father’s Day campaign

It’s clear that stepfathers don’t always have it easy, and children aren’t still very accepting. Budweiser, in their new emotional Father’s Day film, looks to shine an unexpected light on fatherhood and toast stepfathers that stepped up and became role models. It documents three REAL family’s heartfelt stories who surprise their dads by legally removing the ‘step’ from their titles.

This campaign is to not only celebrate stepdads but also to raise money for the stepfamily foundation, a non-profit that lends a helping hand to blended families.

You can watch here.


Ed 1

Who doesn’t want to see Ed Sheeran eat some ketchup?

Ed Sheeran helps mark 150 years for Heinz by starring in this brilliant, authentic Tomato Ketchup ad. The scenario is based on a real event that led Sheeran, who thought it would make a good ad, to contact Heinz through Instagram. As well as starring in it, Sheeran wrote and directed the spot.

This is their first advert, but we’re hoping more will follow. After all, Heinz and Sheeran are both now internationally recognised brands.

You can watch here.

Written by Isabelle Peters

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