Can founders enjoy recruitment?
Can Founders enjoy Recruitment?

Can recruitment truly be enjoyable for company and agency founders?


While recruitment can be daunting sometimes, creating a strong strategy could improve the process. Or even make it enjoyable for founders!


In their newest blog post, our partners at Recruitment Bootcamp have put together a new guide with 7 useful ways for making recruitment enjoyable!


By adopting these strategies, founders can transform recruiting from an essential task into an enjoyable and successful process. Ultimately, strengthening their company and fostering positive relationships with candidates and employees.


So, what are some of the ways for founders to enjoy recruitment?


Making job advertisements and job descriptions interesting


Take the time to craft exceptional vacancy advertisements and job descriptions. Putting effort into creating captivating ads that align with your brand and making a positive impression is essential.


Engage with candidates


Be fully present and engaged during job interviews. Allocate sufficient time before and after each interview to prepare and review the candidate’s CV, qualifications, hobbies. Actively listen to their responses, allowing for comfortable silences that encourage thoughtful replies.


Make recruitment enjoyable for candidates


From well-worded advertisements to a warm and welcoming atmosphere during interviews, there are numerous ways to create a positive and memorable impression. Following up with candidates, even those who were unsuccessful, is a polite gesture that reflects well on your company.


Take a look at the full blog post on Recruitment Bootcamp’s website here.


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Moxie and Mettle is a UK-based recruitment company; our clients are based in the UK too. Although many clients offer remote working as an option, there is still a need to regularly visit company offices and clients in the UK. Therefore, applications from overseas are unlikely to be successful, unless applicants already have plans to be in the UK several times a month/year to facilitate meetings with both the teams and clients.

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