CV advice from a professional copywriter
CV advice

How to Advertise Yourself

Your CV is an advert for you. The question is: does it make people want to buy?

CV Tips from our friend Katie Palmer, professional copywriter.  Borrow these copywriting tips to make your CV stand out from the crowd…

1. Show, don’t tell

Broad statements make your writing ambiguous. To build trust and confidence, be specific.

? Strong digital marketing experience

? Five years’ experience running Google ad campaigns

2. Verbs trump nouns

When cramming a career on to a page, every word counts. This trick saves characters and makes your writing sound more human.

? I made a decision

? I decided

3. Active voice FTW

Using the passive voice might feel modest, but this is your time to shine. Flip that sentence and lead with your achievement.

? A 2,000-word report was produced

? I produced a 2,000-word report

4. Cull To Be kind

Inspect every word: does it add meaning? If not, get rid. The hiring manager will thank you for shorter, scannable sentences.

? Due to the fact that

? Because

5. Exaggeration kills authenticity

Overused superlatives sound insincere. Instead, use your imagination and be honest.

? I’m passionate about marketing automation

? I’m a left-brain processes-person who finds efficient automation more relaxing than meditation

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