CV and career advice
CV and Career Advice

Are you looking for CV and career advice or coaching?

We are regularly approached by people who are actually looking for CV and career advice rather than the services of a recruiter, and sometimes candidates need lots of help with their CV, or career coaching and support.

There are some amazingly talented professionals in our close network who are perfectly placed to offer this type of help to our candidates and we are delighted to have this superb people in our team!

We do regularly run a CV and LinkedIn Workshop for marketing, PR, creative and digital professionals, and as soon as we are able, we’ll have some new dates to publish.

We are also always looking for ways we can add value to the recruitment experience for our candidates, and so we like to offer referrals to people who can help with your CV, and also offer coaching regarding job seeking and your next steps if that would be helpful. Take a look at their websites and LinkedIn profiles and see who you feel would be best placed to help you.

Just get in touch with them directly, as they are all there to help!

Will Snell – (CVs) – LinkedIn.

Fay Wallis (CVs and Coaching) – LinkedIn.

Helen Campbell (Coaching)

Katie Palmer (CV-Copywriting Workshop)  – LinkedIn

Let us know how you get on; they are all great and highly recommended – feel free to mention my name!

Liz Gadd

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