A day in the life of a: Digital Marketing Manager – our chat with Taylor Bragg from JMP UK
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In light of Social Media Week Bristol, Moxie & Mettle understand digital marketing is more important today more than ever before. Therefore, we wanted to chat with some digital marketing experts about their experiences within their roles. 

So, meet Taylor Bragg, she is the Digital Marketing Manager at JMP UK, a progressive, creative content and communications agency based in Bristol. Having started her career in Journalism, Taylor talks us through her journey so far, her experiences agency vs client-side, and the setbacks she’s had to overcome transitioning from one field to another. 

Moxie & Mettle: Tell us about your career journey; how have you got to where you are now?

Taylor Bragg: I started as a Journalist writing about technology and business. During this time, I found a real interest in writing about brand marketing and the effect of the ever-growing digital world on businesses around the globe. It was then that I realised how I’d love to put my knowledge into action. 

Moxie & Mettle: What are your day-to-day activities as a Digital Marketing Manager? 

Taylor Bragg: As I work for an agency, no day is ever the same! One day I could be creating social content plans for a fitness studio, the next I could be conducting video interviews with the public for another client, and another day I could be planning the design and copy for our new website. I love the variety of tasks I get to perform as it really keeps the job interesting!

Moxie & Mettle: What has been the most important thing you have learnt throughout your career?

Taylor Bragg: To keep on top of the latest industry news and trends. With the digital space constantly changing and evolving, if you don’t keep updated then you’ll struggle to get the results you want. 

Moxie & Mettle: Have you had any setbacks?  How did you overcome them?

Taylor Bragg: Working for an agency, it’s a very fast-paced environment with many different projects going on for various clients at the same time. And so, at times, it can be hard to juggle. I’ve learned that it’s crucial to be organised and focus on one thing at a time. Rushing through things and stressing will only lead to weak results.

Moxie & Mettle: Are there any benefits of working agency compared to client-side in your opinion?

Taylor Bragg: I touched upon this in my previous answer, but I think the main benefit is the variety of projects you get to work on. Each client can be so different and from varying industries such as sport, fitness, and technology. As a result, I really get to expand my skillsets in a range of areas. Working with so many different clients also allows me to build really great relationships.

Moxie & Mettle: What advice can you share that might help those who are looking to pursue a career as a Digital Marketing Manager?

Taylor Bragg: My advice would be to either work for an agency first in order to get a feel for different types of clients and industries, or to choose an area you feel passionate about. If you end up working for a company that you have no real interest in, you may struggle to be creative when it comes to growing the business.

Stay on top of industry news. Be sure to follow major digital marketing sites and influential people on social media. As the major social media goliaths such as Google, Facebook and Twitter regularly tweak their paid advertising platforms and algorithms, it could be a challenge if you don’t keep on top of the latest changes.

Finally, dare to be different and don’t be afraid to fail. Marketing is all about trying new things and some of the most successful campaigns have been a result of one person trying out an idea no one has dared to try before.  

Moxie & Mettle: In your opinion, what are the top 3 skills it takes to succeed as a Digital Marketing Manager?

Taylor Bragg: A mix of creativity and analytical abilities, good visual storytelling abilities and agility 

  aylor Bragg Taylor Bragg

   E: Taylor@jmpuk.com

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Written by Isabelle Peters

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