Finding career help in 2023: an interview with Sarah Archer
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Do you feel unfulfilled or stuck in your current role to consider a career change in 2023?

Are you considering a career change in 2023 but don’t know where to start? Are you relying on a recruitment consultant or agency to help with your career change?

Read our latest blog post to learn where you can find support, including the difference between recruiters and career coaches.

You’ve been feeling confined in your current role for quite some time now and have finally made the decision to change things up. You contacted the recruitment agency, specialising in your current industry but have had no luck finding viable options and feel even more confused and stuck. What you might not know is that there is a marked difference between a recruitment agency and career coaching. While the former can offer you a professional service to find a new job in the industry you are interested in, the latter can help with more complicated questions. Such as how to make a change in your career, or take a new direction, by offering you guidance and counselling.

As a recruitment agency,  our consultants are often approached by candidates looking for advice or help with career change, CV writing support or even professional mental wellbeing. But while we’d love to help all those looking for a change, we are not the qualified to offer such support and it’s not our expertise. Therefore, we work with specialists, career change professionals, HR managers and professional CV writers who can help answer all your burning questions.

Today, Sarah Archer, an expert in career coaching and author of two books ‘Developing Your Inner Coach’ and ‘How to Boost Your Wellbeing at Work” shares her expertise and knowledge. She also explains the difference between career coaches and recruiters.

What is a recruitment consultant?

A recruitment consultant is someone who matches you, your skills, and job preferences to a list of current jobs and open roles that they have received from their clients. Recruitment consultants are paid by their clients who are looking to fill a role in their team. They build long-lasting relationships with clients, knowing their preferred candidates, the skills they might be looking for and desired previous experience.

As a result, a recruitment consultant can help you put together the best job application, give you pointers on your CV and cover letter that can impress the clients who have the roles available. A recruiter will also discuss your suitability for one of their roles and work with you to get the application for the job, helping you get through the interview process, and the final offer.

Nonetheless, a recruiter cannot offer you advice on how to enter a specific industry, what you want to do next and if you should go for one job instead of another. It’s also common that a recruitment agency might specialise in a specific sector(s), rather than work on a mixture of industries.

For example, here at Moxie and Mettle, we specialise in the creative sector, sourcing jobs in Marketing, PR, Digital, Social, and Design, which is why we work with clients and candidates from this sector only.

So, when a candidate approaches us with a question about a different sector or industry, or is interested in changing direction in their career, we refer our candidates to career coaches.

What is a career coach then?

A career coach can provide a one-on-one consultation and offer useful resources and tools if you are feeling stuck in your role, career, or professional life. Engaging with a career coach can also help you identify specific career goals, help with interviewing techniques and marketing yourself and your CV better. You might also want to get in touch with a career coach when you want to be more successful, either in your current job or a future one! A career coach is there to empower you and make you look out for the necessary answers.

According to Sarah Archer “a good coach will help you reach clarity and insight into your situation and what you need to do next. They also provide encouragement and inspiration whilst helping manage any anxiety around change and challenge”.

But you may ask, how is a career coach exactly going to help you with your career change in 2023?

The truth is you shouldn’t expect a career coach will solve all your problems without any work from your side. A career coach is there to support you, make you think in the right direction, using a variety of tools and exercises along the way.

Career coaches “often use a range of tools chosen specifically for your situation. These can include personality tests, skills and strengths analyses, self-awareness exercises or practical tools to support job search – CV, LinkedIn, Interviews”, mentioned Sarah Archer. So, if you really want to succeed and benefit from using a coach, you should be ready to engage with the process and walk the full walk.

If you are considering if career coaching is for you and want to learn more about it, you can get in touch with Sarah Archer who can offer you a free consultation.

Simply follow her website and fill in the ‘free consultation’ form. You can find her website here.

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