Five GENUINELY good reasons why you should use a specialist recruitment agency

So why should you use a recruitment agency?

We might be a bit biased on this subject matter, but we are keen to share five genuinely good reasons why you should use a specialist recruitment company!

1. Quick and Efficient

Let’s be honest, the recruitment process is very time-consuming, and busy companies probably don’t want to spend their valuable time dedicated to recruitment and advertising roles. Using a recruitment company reduces time and the process is usually quicker, which leads to a faster turnaround when filling vacancies.

We organise everything for the client, from the whole application process to all the advertising, even the interviews, leaving it stress-free for you.

2. We are Experts

We have over 80 years’ combined experience … so we kind of know what we are doing. We work closely with you to understand your business needs and company culture. We already have an extensive network of incredible talent, who are notified when a job matching their skills and experience becomes available.

We understand that some companies may be start-ups and small companies and often don’t have an in-house recruiter. Sometimes it’s a challenge to find and hire the best candidates – that’s what we are here for.

Our extensive knowledge puts us in a position to support you through your essential hire. We know our specialist sectors like the back of our hands and can help you understand how competitive your job briefs are and advise what benefits packages are usual in the sector.

3. Quality of Hire

We will ensure only the best of the best candidates are put forward to you, and only after we have gone through a series of in-person evaluations and detailed background checks, including referencing if you’d like us to.

4. Cost-effective

It might seem like using a recruitment agency would cost you more than hiring in-house, but the opposite is true. Using an agency means no spending on job boards, recruiter accounts, social media and talent database subscriptions.

As discussed before, by using an agency, you are massively reducing the chances of a bad hire. Financial costs can vary depending on the position for which the hire was made, a CareerBuilder study estimates above £7,000 to £10,000 as the average cost of hiring the wrong individual for an entry or mid-level position. The cost of wrongfully hiring a manager is typically more than £30,000.

There’s no cost involved until your new recruit starts work! So clearly, if you don’t hire one of our candidates, there’s no cost in comparing our candidates with those that you receive from other sources.  Obviously, we are confident our candidates will be better, but that’s up to you to decide!

5. Extra Security

A great benefit that recruitment agencies offer is additional security when it comes to that all important probationary period – if things don’t work out (which is rare after the thorough recruitment process), there are rebates or free replacements on offer (subject to terms of course)

So, have we convinced you? Get in contact today if you want to find out more.

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✍️Written by Isabelle Peters.
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