How to be successful at freelancing – our chat with Keri Beckingham
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Keri is a freelance marketing and communications professional, copywriter, proof-reader and lifestyle blogger from Bristol. She has over eight years’ experience of helping companies speak to their audiences and share their stories – Copy by Keri.

We asked Keri for some practical insights into the topic of ‘Freelance’ and what it takes to be successful at it.

Moxie & Mettle: Why did you want to become a freelancer?

Keri Beckingham: I wanted more freedom and control over the work that I did, and I also loved the idea of being my own boss! Writing has always been my passion and I wanted to make a career out of it, so I decided to go for it and see what happened!

Moxie & Mettle: What do you need to get started as a freelancer?

Keri Beckingham: I would say it’s important to make sure you’re cut out for the job – to be a freelancer you really need to be organised, a good time-keeper, and have lots of self-motivation. Yes, sometimes it can feel tempting to have a lie in, but doing that every day won’t help pay the bills! I would say it’s also a good idea to do your research before taking the plunge – find out what other freelancers in your industry charge, and the kind of work that is available to decide whether it’s a viable option for you.

Moxie & Mettle: How do you find freelance work?

Keri Beckingham: I find freelance work in a number of ways – from contacts I have made throughout my working life, to social media networks like LinkedIn. You can’t be afraid to put yourself out there and sell your services, self-promotion is key!

Moxie & Mettle: What gave you the courage to quit your job and start freelancing?

Keri Beckingham: I put together a plan over a six-month period and worked out what I wanted to do and how I was going to do it. I spoke to former colleagues and contacts who are self-employed to get their advice and hear about their experiences, and I also started to do some work on the side before I completely took the plunge. Then once I’d got to a place where I felt I’d be able to get enough work to pay the bills, I decided to go for it full time – which was the best decision I think I’ve ever made!

Moxie & Mettle: What are the benefits?

Keri Beckingham: The benefits are that you get to be your own boss and have complete control over the work that you do, the hours you do, and where you work from as well. There’s complete flexibility!

Moxie & Mettle: Are there any downsides?

Keri Beckingham: The biggest downside is not always being paid on time for work – something which is really important as a freelancer from a cash flow point of view.

Moxie & Mettle: What advice could you give to other freelancers?

Keri Beckingham: My advice would be to never forget your contacts – you never know when they might come in handy!

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Written by Isabelle Peters

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