Important things to remember when applying for a job and Jess joins the team
Important things to remember when applying for a job and Jess joins the team

‘New year, new job,’ a well-known phrase that many people use this time of year. The Telegraph recently said that according to Indeed, job searches generally soar in January compared to the rest of the year.

Moxie and Mettle have just recruited a new Social Media and Content Executive! We would like to welcome Jess Duncan to the Moxie and Mettle team. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to discuss the important things to remember when applying for a job. We will also reflect on how Jess ensured her application stood out.

When we advertised the role of Social Media and Content Executive, we included a set of instructions for candidates to follow. After sifting through the applications, we noticed a pattern. The CV’s contained a lot of experience and the candidates were very accomplished. However, the instructions that we included on the job advert weren’t being followed.

Reading through a job advert carefully is extremely important. You need to ensure you meet the requirements and understand what is expected of you. We asked applicants to apply with their CV, a short cover letter and some examples of their work. Out of 30 applications, Jess was the only one who followed these specific instructions. She had the relevant experience and expressed this clearly. Therefore, we were able to quickly decide whether she was suitable for the role.

Tailoring your application is vital. You will need to research the company to understand whether you will be the right fit. This involves looking at their website and any social media. You’ll need to ask yourself whether you have what the employer is asking for. Often, you might see a job that you like the look of. However, it’s all about ensuring your attributes, employment history, education and skills match.

We know that applying for a job can be overwhelming and stressful. It would be beneficial to spend a lot of time on your application. You could make a checklist to ensure you are tackling each part correctly. It’s important to remember that although your CV lists your skills, being able to demonstrate them is vital.

By reading through a job application, understanding what the employer is asking for and following instructions, you are already proving you can:

✔️ pay close attention to detail.

✔️ interpret information correctly.

✔️ write coherently.

When applying for your next role, remember you are marketing yourself!

Jess is an example of how this can make a difference. When you apply for a job, you are joining a team and you need to demonstrate that you’re the perfect fit. Following our advice can help you stand out and increase your chances of employment.

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