“Moxie and Mettle Mention A Mate” rewards & gifts for you!
Mention a Mate

Recommendations and referrals are so very important to all businesses, and we are no exception…⭐️

When you socialise with your friends, one of the topics highest on your list is your job. “How is it going at work?” “Did you get that promotion?” “How’s your new boss?” – we all chat about work at times.

At Moxie and Mettle, lots of lovely people recommend us all the time also, to friends who are looking for a job, to their company management team when the business is recruiting, and we are very grateful.

We are also super happy to say thank you; with shopping vouchers, iPad Minis, hotels stays, spa days and meals in your favourite restaurant – super flexible rewards available.

So if you are interested in our “Mention A Mate” programme, please let us know! And thank you!

Email: hello@moxieandmettle and title the subject ‘Mention a Mate’

We love recommendations!

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