PR and Marketing Industry Insights, 2022
Industry Insights

We wanted to share some useful industry insight with you that we thought would be valuable to you

Here at Moxie & Mettle, we’ve recently partnered with AMBITIOUS & Insider Magazine to survey business leaders in the region to find out what their PR and marketing plans are for next year.

The report ‘how to turn your PR and marketing into a results powerhouse in 2022’ covers where your peers & competitors will be spending their budget & find your opportunities to be seen and get heard, including:

  • What the priorities are for businesses in 2022. 
  • The top six areas where businesses will focus their efforts.
  • Beware the marketing skills gap – insight from Moxie & Mettle on the challenges businesses & in-house teams are facing  
  • What the primary marketing and PR goals are for businesses.

Here’s a link to download your copy of the report

We hope you find this report useful and please do get in touch if we can help with more information.


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