Should employers share job interview questions in advance?
Sharing Interview Questions

Traditionally, job interviews have been a source for anxiety and unpredictability for many candidates.


We’ve all had to deal with the pressure of navigating unknown questions while making sure we’re conveying the right skills and experience.


However, a new trend is gaining traction – some employers are now sharing interview questions with candidates in advance.


Our partners at Recruitment Bootcamp revealed in their most recent blog post that more businesses are sharing interview questions. And that providing interview questions upfront creates a fairer selection process. Furthermore, it even encourages diversity and inclusivity.


What are some of the benefits you might ask?


They discovered that candidates who receive questions in advance could delve deeply into the topics. Which results in more thoughtful and prepared answers. This approach encourages candidates to perform at their best and enables employers to understand the real person beyond the interview facade.


As well as it can help bridge the gap between those who thrive under pressure (exam-style). And those who excel in deeper, long-term projects (coursework).


Is anyone else already doing this?


Employers like Royal Berkshire Maternity and Neonatal Voices and the NSPCC are already exploring this trend. As this practice gains momentum, more organisations are considering incorporating it in their recruitment strategy.


You can read the full contribution to the blog post, including their comments on how this new trend works on Recruitment Bootcamp’s website.


In the end, the goal of this transparent approach is to foster an environment of mutual trust, respect, and diversity. The interview process should be a tool to discover genuine potential for the job and a reflection of an organisation’s commitment to inclusion and growth.


So, the question remains, would you want to receive job interview questions in advance?


Let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts –


And, of course, be sure to get in touch with us if you want to discuss how we can help with your job search!


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