Top tips when using a recruitment agency

Searching and applying for roles can be a full-time job in itself: you’ve got applications to fill out, a CV to update, progress to track – there’s a lot to juggle! Working in partnership with a recruiter, however, is an effective way to make sure you’re made aware of new opportunities as and when they come onto the market.

Recruitment agencies can be an invaluable resource in your search; they assist with the workload and can help you stand out by providing you with insider information and tips on the opportunity.

However, recruiters receive hundreds of applicants every day, so here are just five ways you can stand out in a competitive marketplace:

1. Time is essential

The job market moves at a very fast pace! Usually, when a recruiter receives a brief, they will be in ‘active recruitment mode’ and well on their way to finding the best candidates (hopefully you!). That means if they ring or message you about a role, get back to them as soon as possible, don’t miss out on the opportunity!

2. Show commitment

The recruitment process is a partnership; you need to work with your recruiter to give you the best chances of getting an interview.

Remember the recruiter is the first interview on the client’s behalf, so do your best to shine and create a great impression, as we need to pass on our thoughts and comments on your suitability for the role.

Often a client will ask for a cover letter or portfolio, so ensure you provide a compelling and exciting letter to accompany the CV in a timely manner.

3. Call on your achievements

Agencies like it when candidates blow their own trumpet! Anything a candidate can bring to the table to help them and the recruiter with the job search is much appreciated. We want to know about how great you are so we can do the best we can to find you your dream job.

4. Be realistic

A vital part of the recruitment process is remaining realistic and logical throughout. Recruiters are of most benefit when candidates are reasonable about their next step and salary expectations. It also speeds up the process and prevents back and forth miscommunication between the two parties.

5. Phone them after the interview

Your recruiter is the person who championed you into being considered for the job! They will want to get your feedback before speaking to the client, so you must ring them as soon as you get out. It also reinforces your enthusiasm for the job which the recruiter can relay back to the client once they’ve spoken to them.

To sum up, building a strong relationship with your recruitment agency is important in increasing your chances of securing your dream job. It shows your professionalism, ambition and commitment to the job search.

Investing a little time in working well with recruiters can save you a lot of time on your job hunt! Why not start building a relationship with us, here Moxie & Mettle. Send us your CV.

Written by Isabelle Peters

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