Volunteer PR Manager (two days a month) – The 401 Challenge Business Club

Volunteer PR Manager (two days a month) – The 401 Challenge Business Club

Volunteer PR Manager PR Manager (two days a month) – The 401 Challenge Business Club


Broad Overview

We are seeking a PR volunteer to support the creation of The 401 Challenge Business Club – a network of business sponsors and supporters for The 401 Challenge.

In 2022, Ben Smith, Director of The 401 Challenge and Founder of the 401 Foundation, will run and cyle 14,000 miles across 50 US states in just 104 days to raise £500,000 for The 401 Foundation, a mental health charity setup to help people empower themselves and their local communities to build confidence, self-esteem and promote positive mental health.

To fund the USA Challenge, we are creating The 401 Challenge Business Club, an exclusive club of business sponsors committed to the cause and supporting Ben through the challenge.

The PR volunteer will engage with business sponsors who have signed up to the The 401 Business Club to help them and The 401 Challenge maximise the PR opportunities associated with The USA Challenge.


Role and Responsibilities

Key skills / competencies:

  • Experience of engaging with and selling in to national, regional and sector media (eg. business media, charity media, CSR/ESG media)
  • Experience of developing and managing coordinated PR campaigns and delivering excellent results
  • Experience of developing and deploying communications toolkits across multiple stakeholders and channels
  • Experience of working with business leaders across multiple stakeholder organisations
  • Excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Understanding of social networking and other new media platforms



  • Play a key role in coordinating and delivering effective media relations for The 401 Challenge Business Club
  • Identifying and maximising proactive and reactive media opportunities to promote The 401 Challenge Business Club and the key sponsors involved.
  • Developing key messaging and story ideas for each business involved in the club
  • Developing and rolling out a communications toolkit for each business involved in the club
  • Provide content / editorial support to The 401 Challenge Business Club
  • Maintain trusted working relationships with key internal and external stakeholders.
  • Assist in the production of media materials including press releases and the media cuttings book



Extensive skills in working with local, regional, national media.

Communication – You must be able to think creatively about the communication channels you will have available to you, and the opportunities to develop creative story ideas and engaging communications toolkits for business partners


Critical Thinking – You must be able to make good professional decisions. You will often have to quickly weigh up the pros and cons of any solutions to a given problem before choosing the right way forward.


Task Management – You must be able to create and maintain a task list, delegate work where appropriate and keep on top of progress.


Sense Of Humour – This will enable you to stay grounded and maintain the goodwill of the rest of the Team.


Additional Information

  • This position would suit someone who wants to use their skills and knowledge to make a positive difference by supporting The 401 Challenge.
  • This position will give the ideal candidate the opportunity to extend their professional network and build relationships with business leaders.
  • The PR volunteer will work closely with and be supported in the role by Ben Smith and 401 Foundation charity trustees with considerable PR and recruitment experience.


Voluntary Position

This is an unpaid Volunteer position. We anticipate that the PR volunteer will spend approximately 2 days per month in support of The 401 Challenge.


Next Steps

Obviously, there are huge networking opportunities with this role, and you’ll get the support of Liz Gadd from Moxie and Mettle, who is one of the foundation’s trustees, and a highly experienced recruiter.

Please send your application to liz@moxieandmettle.co.uk quoting 401


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Free advertising for your voluntary roles:

We’ll advertise your voluntary roles for free, with no obligation on your part to use our paid recruitment service; we’re just offering a helping hand.

We noticed a really worthy local Bristol business advertising for some voluntary marketing and PR support to help promote their product which helps disabled children.  It struck a chord with us as we wanted the business to be able to continue to spread the word about how their wheelchair could help children in need.  The NHS would normally promote this product, but due to the stress they are under, this isn’t possible at the moment.

So, we offered to spread the word amongst our marketing and personal network to try and generate the invaluable support required.  Liz and I have over 17,000 professional connections as well as various business Facebook groups we’re part of and we hope that a connection will be made.

As you know, Moxie and Mettle Limited specialise in marketing, PR, digital and creative recruitment, so we’re only going to advertise roles in these sectors as we have the relevant target audience.

If you’re a charity or business that’s interested, we just need your approval to advertise the opportunity in the way you’d like it to be worded, and the volunteers can then respond directly to your organisation.

Please note, Moxie and Mettle doesn’t advocate unpaid work experience, this is purely for genuine volunteer opportunities.

Check out https://www.tinytrax.com/ for details on their product and obviously drop them a line if you’d like to help out.

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