CV and LinkedIn Workshop – remote one to one sessions, via Zoom or phone

CV and LinkedIn Workshop – remote one to one sessions, via Zoom or phone

CV and LinkedIn Workshop – a virtual event! One to one sessions by Zoom or phone – on a date to suit you!

In this workshop Liz Gadd, Co-Founder and Recruiter at Moxie and Mettle, will share with you useful hints and tips gained through 30 years experience placing freelance and permanent marketing, PR, creative and digital professionals.

Liz looks at CVs, LinkedIn, direct approaches, and offers general hints and tips about how to get the right work for you. It’s real-world career advice with plenty of knowledge to share about what it’s really like and what really works in finding freelance work with clients and new permanent or contract job opportunities.

You’ll also learn how to create a perfect 10-second introduction when talking to prospective clients and new potential employers.

Who is it for?

Candidates looking for new freelance opportunities or a new permanent or contract job in marketing, PR, creative and digital professions; it’s suitable from entry level right the way up to senior roles.

What will we cover?

  • What potential new clients and employers are looking for in applications and approaches.
  • How to find and meet the right people.
  • How to find and approach the decision-makers.
  • Some honest facts about salaries, day rates and charges.
  • Views on flexible hours, remote working and part-time working patterns and how to approach this subject with clients and employers.
  • CV and Linked In review and feedback

Where, when and what’s the cost?

For obvious reasons, this event will now be by Zoom or phone, so it’s an opportunity to have a one to one session with Liz, rather than in a group.  You’ll get the full course, with the workbook, just in a slightly different format!

Due to the current situation, we’ve decided to offer this programme with no set charge.  We’d love you to make a voluntary contribution to The 401 Challenge (see below), but of course understand that things are very difficult for lots of people at the moment, so maybe you could do that later in the year.  No pressure from us or 401!

Your donation goes to The 401 Challenge,  to help the amazing Ben Smith raise the funds for the USA Challenge.  Ben will be running 50 marathons across 50 states in the USA, cycling between each one and all this in 104 days! During this epic challenge, with the help of schools, organisations and individuals all around the UK and further afield, Ben is aiming to raise £1million for two charities – The 401 Foundation and the Youth Sport Trust, supporting their work which uses physical activity to improve young people’s mental health and wellbeing. Previously, Ben ran 401 marathons in 401 days, finishing in October 2016 and raising over £330k for anti-bullying and mental health charities.  Ben was recognised after his 401 Challenge and awarded many accolades including Pride of Britain and BBC Sports Personality Helen Rollason Award in 2016; you can see his story here BBC Sports Personality. Moxie and Mettle support Ben and the 401 team through pro bono recruitment, PR support and fundraising.

About Liz Gadd.

Liz has been working in recruitment for over 30 years. With a previous career in PR and marketing roles, and since then as a recruiter for office, creative, marketing, digital, PR and communications people, Liz has been meeting and placing both permanent and freelance candidates throughout the UK since 1990!

Able to advise on all aspects of the recruitment process and highly skilled in sourcing great talent, Liz is a network marketing expert, an experienced recruiter in PR, communications, digital, social, creative and marketing and has worked with agencies and client companies recruiting at all levels.

To book.

Please email to reserve your place. Lynda will send you the details of the bank account for 401, it’s up to you what you contribute!

Look forward to helping you get your CV and Linked In profile tip top, and sharing lots of other information too.

Best wishes for now, stay safe and well!

If you’d like to contact Liz directly to ask any questions, please do so on 0117 301 8223 or email

Nick Ellis, founder of Halo, reflects on 15 years in business

Nick Ellis, founder of Halo, reflects on 15 years in business

For those of you who don’t know, Halo is a Bristol born and bred brand-first creative agency that isn’t afraid to think loud and test limits. Their motto literally is: LOUDER THAN LOVE shaping brands that resonate. They are creative & strategic partners to ambitious, purposeful brands, and their speciality is innovatively connecting brands to their audiences.

We first met Nick at Glug’s ‘Imagine if…’ event where he focused on ‘imagine if…briefs didn’t exist.’ He hilariously explored how creatives can turn a blank canvas into rich, multi-layered – and most importantly – effective work. So, we were excited to hear more about Nick’s and Halo’s philosophy and their 15 years in business.

Moxie & Mettle: Tell us about your career journey; how have you got to where you are now?

Nick Ellis: I’ll try to keep this short.

Went to art college but dropped out to join a band. Toured Europe but fame didn’t come knocking. Instead, when I realised my burgeoning rock career was a non-starter I got a job working for a large newspaper group in production before joining Future Publishing as a designer. Honed my skills before leaving the world of magazines to bounce around AdLand in various agencies working for the likes of BT, Jack Daniel’s and The Forestry Commission before finally deciding to start Halo with my soul brother, Vern.

Moxie & Mettle: Why did you decide to open your own agency?

Nick Ellis: AdLand is a weird (and wonderful) place and I knew that this was the industry for me. But drifting from shop to shop felt too nomadic and I decided that to find a permanent home that ticked all the boxes would mean starting my own agency. I wanted to build a business on the foundations of strategy and creativity, unbeholden to shareholder demands, able to define my own path and that meant biting the bullet – literally putting my money where my (often too large) mouth was.

Moxie & Mettle: What’s the story behind the name Halo?

Nick Ellis: Vern thought the name sounded cool. I agreed. We later found out that it was a marketing term which gave us some quality post-rationale.

Moxie & Mettle: What was the turning point in your career? / In Halo?

For the first couple of years, we made Flash (remember that?) Games for Peugeot Rally, shaped brands for SMEs and generally had a lovely/ stressful/ frantic/ crazy time building the agency. The turning point came when we were asked to pitch for the Visit Somerset rebrand in 2006. We were a really late ‘wildcard’ entry – included on weight of attitude alone, but against all odds, we pitched and won. The success of that project led to a few years of being pretty big in destination branding and it helped us grow. But there’s a number of moments that could be considered pivotal, including the rebrand of Butcombe Brewery, our first strategy presentation for M&S, the award-winning Festie Guru campaign for Ticketmaster that led to us becoming the digital global agency of record for Live Nation.

There are always moments. But sometimes, the ones you think are going to be big don’t work out that way. Our (at the time) groundbreaking TV ad for (sex toy retailer) Lovehoney that aired pre-watershed for example. Loads of press, loads of noise, we even made page 3 of the Telegraph and page 2 of the Times along with features on the BBC, Channel 4 and across the pond on CNN, but the fame was fleeting. Success can be a cruel mistress.

Moxie & Mettle: What has been the most important lesson opening your own agency has taught you?

Nick Ellis: Where to begin?

One of the most important lessons is about account management. We applaud and celebrate creative, but without great client relationships, an agency can’t survive. Those who work in client services are the backbone of the agency. They are the first creative department, the first exposure to strategy, the mirror of the agency’s values, ideals and ambitions. It’s a hard job that takes fierce organisation, focus and empathy. Client services rock.

I guess that overall, running Halo has taught me the importance of strategic thinking and taking a brand first approach. Without the intellectual rigour that underpins a project, creative work can become wallpaper, an aesthetic bandaid that delivers in the short term but struggles to maintain performance over the longer term.

I’ve also learned the true meaning of collaboration. Vern and I own the agency, but our people are the business. They are the heart and soul, promise and ambition of Halo, without them it couldn’t exist and it wouldn’t be the same.

Plus, I learned to control my ego. I realised early on that being a creative star in an average studio was meaningless. The studio’s output is everything so, there’s no place for rampant ego’s; you win, lose, triumph or crash and burn as one.

Oh yeah, and it’s just marketing – it’s not heart surgery, no one’s going to die because a post didn’t reach it’s projected impacts.

Moxie & Mettle: What’s the craziest pitch idea you’ve ever had, did it win the client over?

Pitching the God of Cider campaign to Mallets Cider was pretty out there. The campest, most ridiculous character led work with the strapline ‘Cast in myth, forged by legend, made with apples.’

Still won it though.

Moxie & Mettle: Where do you see creative branding and storytelling heading over the next few years?

Nick Ellis: That’s an impossible question to ask. The industry will talk endlessly about new technological advances. We’ll be bombarded with AR and VR. We’ll shout ourselves hoarse bellowing platitudes about the next demographic segmentation. But really, marketing – or at least the fundamentals – really don’t change all that much.

We need to stop reaching for the next shiny piece of tech. Stop our damaging reliance on social and programmatic. Stop living in the bubble of (predominately white, male) privilege that fills our industry echo chamber and get back to understanding what people want, need and fear. And how brands can connect in more meaningful, memorable ways.

Moxie & Mettle: What’s next for Halo?

Nick Ellis: We celebrate 15 years in April 2020 (that’s when we’ve chosen to release a retrospective of work) so it’s going to be a fun opener to the year. But mostly we’ll continue to build on our strategic brand proposition, working with clients to deliver insightful, creative and commercially successful work.

Plus we’ve got a range of Halo merch coming out featuring some of our favourite, vacuous marketing bullshit from the last few years. My personal favourite is ‘Get busy story living or get busy story dying’.

Moxie & Mettle: In your opinion, what are the top 3 skills it takes to succeed as an agency owner?

It’s not an easy industry to work in. It’s competitive, crowded and the knockbacks are almost as frequent as the successes. You need to resolve to keep going. Keep learning. Stay interested. Stay relevant.

You have to be agile, able to act quickly and with acuity to get things done. And you need to keep your mind wide open. Listen to your team – trust your team – and support them to be great.

Don’t be a dick.
No one wants to work with a dick. So work hard at not being one.


Li: Nick Ellis

I: We are Halo

T: Nick Ellis

W: Halo

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✍️Written by Isabelle Peters.
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Talking to the professionals: how to pursue a career in SEO

Talking to the professionals: how to pursue a career in SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic from the organic or free search engine results.

Over the past few years, SEO has transitioned from an added-value enhancement to a necessary expense for a lot of businesses that rely on the web. Marketers see SEO as becoming more effective, with 82% reporting effectiveness is on the rise, and 42% of this group stating effectiveness is increasing significantly (MarketDive, 2016).

Businesses are now more aware of today’s continued digital marketing maturity, and it’s no surprise that they are constantly becoming more advanced at SEO and with that, increasing their competitive edge. It should really be considered to be a significant factor in all digital strategies.

SEO is undeniably an indispensable digital marketing must in today’s market and from our experience recruiting in the creative market, we’ve come to understand how sought after the skill is. We’ve found that few people understand SEO in detail, and the demand for the people that do is strong.

So, we were interested in finding out from some Bristol based SEO specialists what type of skills you need to pursue a career and their perception of how it sits in business today.

We spoke to Mark Baddeley – Senior SEO & PPC Delivery Manager at Bigg:

“Thinking about the skills and knowledge someone needs for a career in SEO, the most important skill is the ability to learn new information and apply it quickly. As with any internet-based service, the rules and information that govern the delivery of a high-quality delivery change very rapidly. This means SEO executives and managers need to constantly research the latest updates to algorithms and industry trends as the service is constantly evolving. I would also consider communication skills to be another highly recommended skill to have. SEO is a service which typically requires a lot of explanation to outside parties such as clients, which will not usually have the same level of technical knowledge. The responsibility of explaining the value of delivered services often falls on the SEO specialist, so being able to provide answers to questions in an easily understandable and not overly techy fashion is a valuable skill.”

Then, we spoke to Elliott Simpson, SEO copywriter at Fat Media. He expresses why SEO is now so crucial in any business, and why it can be misunderstood easily:

“The rules are always changing with SEO. The tactics that digital marketers used 10, even five years ago, are completely different to the ones that many of them use today. This makes SEO an area where mistakes can easily be made if businesses don’t keep up to date with the latest news and trends. But, at the same, it’s what makes it such an exciting field. Trying out new strategies and tools is essential if marketers want to stay ahead of the curve. It’s an area that never stands still – so SEO specialists can’t afford to either.”

Simon Marshall, CEO of TBD Marketing, comments on an unlikely candidate choice:

“Ex-journalists make for great SEOs because, throughout their training, they have learned to satisfy user intent. Having an editor constantly ask you ‘yes but what does the reader want to know’ is a great way of thinking about user intent, which is the basis of all successful SEO strategies (yes, even the health and hygiene elements). TL;DR – Google emulates wants users want, so emulate what Google says users want. Journalists are great at this”

Simon Smart, Director at Keel Over Marketing goes on to describe the evolution of SEO and the importance of content:

I agree with everything my esteemed industry colleagues have said, it is all about being constantly aware of the changes and requirements to make a website, and in turn, a business does well including being able to write great content.

When I started in SEO way back in the ‘black hat’ days, you could basically get anyway with anything, including ‘keyword stuffing’, ‘redirects’, ‘paid links’ to name but a few. However, these days, Google, primarily, has cottoned on to these unethical practices and has moved more towards the need for professional content, so the old adage ‘content is king’ really comes true.

Content needs to be fresh, unique and appropriate. This means that there is a lot of research required to be able to write clear, relevant and keyword-rich content that delivers the right message with power and conviction. The content on your website should target your audience, engage them and persuade them to take action and this is even more important today due to the new update from Google called BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers), whereby sloppy content will not be tolerated. Therefore, it is important that if you want to succeed in digital marketing, whether it be SEO or PPC or Social Media, because as we know these all complement each other, you have to have the ability to do the research and to write engaging and persuasive content. So, listen to your English professor and always use ‘spell check’ and never ever duplicate content across multiple pages/websites.

And from my own point of view, SEO is a skill I’m learning as part of my role at Moxie and Mettle, and here are my thoughts on how SEO beginners can advance their skills on their own:

“SEO is seen as a dark art for many people, especially new businesses and young professionals, like me. In the saturated market we work in today, I’ve found you must take matters into your own hands to be successful, and this definitely counts for SEO. Luckily there are loads of great introductory courses, blogs and books on the topic that can help kickstart a basis for an SEO strategy. Here are some of my recommendations for beginners:

1. A great starting place to learn SEO is The Beginner’s Guide to SEO from Moz. It’s free, and it starts out answering the most basic questions like “What is SEO?”

2. Google’s Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide also offers excellent insight into what google says is essential for websites that want to improve their rank.

3. Lastly, YOAST SEO offers a definitive WordPress SEO guide. Their plugin also comes with tons of features to help optimise your website. It has built-in content analysis, meta keywords and description management, managing duplicate content, social features, rich snippets and much more.

However, the most important advice I can give is to dig in and get as much hands-on experience through trial and error as you can.”

SEO opportunities 👇

If any SEO specialists would like to add any comments to this, please get in touch with Isabelle on

Moxie & Mettle specialise in placing Marketing, PR, Digital, Comms, Creative and Social Media roles.

We currently have some fantastic SEO or PPC opportunities, so please get in touch on if you are interested in hearing more about them.

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✍️Written by Isabelle Peters.
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PR Account Director – Bristol

PR Account Director – Bristol

💡 PR & Social Media Account Director

⚡ up to £50K

📍 Bristol.

Incredible opportunity for a PR Account Director to join this amazing consumer and events PR team, providing PR for some of the best loved venues and events in Bristol and around the UK.

About you

• This role requires an experienced flexible, driven, PR professional, ideally who understands and loves events.

• We’re looking for a tenacious, team orientated PR Account Director to project manage the roll-out of integrated PR, social media and communications strategies for these events and other consumer focused clients.

• We’re not looking for an event manager, the clients have that covered, this is a communications role (PR, media relations, content generation, communications, social media, marketing support).

• You’ll be creative, love a plan but also be able to think on your feet, work as a part of a team or work independently and be dedicated to making clients’ events and campaigns

About the role

• Working with the team on managing all the PR and communication channels for these events, you’ll be involved in all aspects of the campaigns, from creating an innovative strategy, selling in ideas to the media to running around an event site creating amazing live social media content and engaging with clients and their customers.

• This PR Account Director will be prepared to put their all into this role, willing to work long hours including weekends in return for money can’t buy life experiences (and time off in lieu of course!).

We thrive on pushing boundaries to achieve clients’ aims and deliver great results – can you be a leader in this team?

In return

• Great support.

• Training.

• Superb benefits including trips away.

• The chance to work with an amazing team and clients, all on offer!

• You’ll be at the heart of some of the UK’s most popular events, promoting their success along the way.

What’s next

If you would like to apply for this PR Account Director, please get in touch with a short covering letter to and we’ll call you for an immediate interview.

Liz is handling this role, so do give Liz a ring if you’d like to (we’ll need your CV first), 0117 301 8223.

Please quote reference LG -158  in your application.

See our privacy policy on the website.

By applying for this role, you consent to us storing your information in our candidate database for the purpose of communicating with you regarding opportunities, roles and career-related information.

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PR Senior Account Manager – Bath

PR Senior Account Manager – Bath

£28K – £32K.


UNIQUE opportunity for a PR Senior Account Manager or Account Manager to join an incredible PR agency in the heart of Bath.

Not only are they an extremely friendly and close-knit B2B agency, but they also offer flexible working and an incredible atmosphere.

They are continuing to grow and attract new clients, so these guys are taking big steps forward to grow the business in both Bath and London, so it’s an ideal time to join!

There are genuine opportunities to fast track your PR career here, for the right person with the right attitude and dedication. There is nothing to stop you hitting PR Account Director level within your first year if you deliver strong, measurable results.

About you.

Successful applicants will have a demonstrable PR agency or in-house background, ideally with a B2B or tech background, but all sectors are welcome.

  • Excellent written communication skills, with proven ability to produce compelling copy in both short-form and long-form, such as articles, features and case studies.
  • Strong client reporting expertise, including press and social media analysis.
  • Ability to manage often-demanding workflows, prioritising tasks and deadlines.
  • People skills and confidence to act as a conduit between the junior members and the senior leadership team.
  • Experience in creating, planning and developing integrated campaigns for clients.
  • Proven ability to maintain excellent working relationships with clients and the media, working as the main contact between the two.
  • Confidence and competence in serving as the key point of contact for designated clients.
  • Commitment to manage client expectations and provide creative communications solutions.

Lots of organisations talk about work/life balance, flexible working and well-being, but these guys really are championing it and putting it all into practice. They have a refreshing and modern attitude to how we should be working (but also ensuring the client is receiving the absolute best service).

In return.

A defined career path that is planned just for you!

  • Fast track PR career opportunity.
  • Work as part of an agency that is a leader in its market.
  • Your birthday off as a gift.
  • Flexible working hours to suit your lifestyle.
  • Fully-paid ‘reset’ days for when life gets a little much at times.
  • Ongoing internal and external training opportunities.

What’s next.

If you would like to apply for this fab PR Senior Account Manager role, please get in touch with a short covering letter to and we’ll call you for an immediate interview.  

Becs is handling this role, quote reference REH – 140 in your application.

By applying for this role, you consent to us storing your information in our candidate database to communicate with you regarding opportunities, roles and career-related information.

See our privacy policy on the website.

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