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A lot of people ask me what I do for a living as I pretty much document everything I do on Instagram, and I’m pretty proud to say I’m a Marketing Executive for Moxie & Mettle. My one year anniversary is coming up, so I wanted to share my story so far.

So, let’s start from the beginning. I studied Marketing Communications at the University West of England, and after I graduated, I applied for probably over 60 marketing jobs. I had to learn the hard way that marketing jobs are a highly sought-after career choice for graduates!

I managed to get a few interviews but wasn’t successful due to my lack of ‘actual marketing experience.’ Basically, in the world of work, having a degree is pretty much irrelevant unless you have some experience in the field of study you want to go in to (which is not relayed by universities very well). It wasn’t long before I started doubting myself, thinking that I had no skills and achieved nothing at uni.

During my masses of applications, I came across Becs at Moxie & Mettle, who contacted me about a marketing role she thought I’d be suitable for and long story short we got on so well that they asked me if I wanted to be their in-house marketing assistant. Lucky right?

It’s nearly a year on, and I can honestly say I have learnt SO MUCH. My duties pretty much cover the full range of the marketing mix, with some additional elements thrown in that come with the recruitment industry. This includes:

• scheduling our content and industry news on our social media channels

• new business

• B2B & B2C communications


• content creation

• client services, networking & attending meetings

• copywriting

• designing adverts

• and working on central marketing projects assisting with the website development and continuously looking for new opportunities and ways to improve.

The opportunities that Moxie & Mettle have given me (a grad with no traditional experience) are endless. Getting your first real job after university is scary, and I have to admit, the transition into the working world is hard and can be quite disheartening; but if you’re willing to learn and show how motivated you are to start your career, you shouldn’t have a problem.

I’ve achieved so much within my first year: I was promoted to a marketing exec within six months, I’ve increased web traffic dramatically, I’ve taught myself SEO, I’ve attended meetings by myself, I helped with Social Media Week Bristol, and I’ve made some fantastic contacts.

I know everybody in marketing says it, but every day is genuinely different. I’m a pretty creative person, so the role suits me perfectly, and I’m very grateful that Moxie & Mettle gave me an opportunity to kickstart my career in marketing.


✍️Written by Isabelle Peters.
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